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BrandVisioning Processes

Brainstorming and Deeper-Dive Focus Groups

that Access the Subconscious Mind

Where does your brand live?

In the subconscious mind of the consumer.

Let the BrandVisioning team create deeper-dive focus groups to get the brand truth.


1. The Belief Room

-Tap the consumers’ whole set of memories and associations to your brand.
-Consumer visits a room where all the images, impressions, ads, feelings, sounds, colors, and beliefs about a brand are stored.
-The subconscious mind reports a “blink” impression full of deep, meaningful information.

2. Memory Retrieval: a New Kind of Ethnography

In hypnosis, respondents are able to recall more detail than in ordinary waking state.

Hypnosis is used to ‘visit’ a consumer’s home/life in detail. They relive accurately: the sights, sounds, smells, textures, tastes, feelings.
-Get all the detailed, personal information of an in-home visit in an interview room!
-Easier, time and cost efficient, deeply personal.

-You can visit 24/7, all times of the year, without interruptions.


3. The Hallway of Innovation

-Used for focus groups as well as agency/client brainstorming sessions
-Deepening techniques to access the subconscious mind open up a world of imagination – and innovation. -Sessions can involve assigning ‘new job titles’ to participants (let the Brand Manager become a teen getting ready for a date, let a teenager become Head Designer and redesign the car dashboard!)
-This frees and allows for new perspectives, new ideas, visuals and language.


4. Virtual Doctor’s Office Visits

-Consumer regresses back in time, to key discussions and visits with doctor
-In hypnosis, respondents are able to recall more detail than in ordinary waking state.
-Revisit the sights, sounds, feelings: emotions are re-experienced and reported
-Recall the content of the conversation
-Relive the turning points, both positive (leading to new behaviors ) or negative (rejecting new behavior)

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